Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Still Have Nails

I haven't posted anything nail polish related for quite some time, and that's sad. What's even sadder, is that my nails are in horrid shape, and I haven't been keeping them polished. *gasp* In reality, it's kind of a good thing. Not only have I been keeping my hands busy making things, I haven't been chewing my nails, which is why I started my nail polish habit in the first place.

I did manage to do an Easter/pastel theme, though I didn't get around to adding the Konad stamping I'd planned. Also, the polish bubbled, and I didn't have time to fix it. :( There was food to be made, and food is generally more important.

Without further adieu, my Easter polish, and slap-dash mehndi.

 Orly Lemonade, NYC Hint of Mint, OPI What's With the Cattitude, OPI Rumples Wiggin', Wet 'n Wild Tickled Pink

I'll spare you the foot henna, and mention that the last photo is on my right hand. I'm right handed, so the combination of applying henna and taking the photo with my left hand led to a bit of fuzziness.

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