Surgery for Emilia

My rescue kitty, Emilia, needs surgery to remove a nasal-pharyngeal polyp. Her vet was not able to fully remove the polyp on the first try, so Emi will need to see a specialist. The cost of this surgery is rather high,  so I have been trying to save for it since I found out about the problem. Unfortunately, the polyp has grown faster than I anticipated, and I have had other unexpected setbacks. This means that, for the foreseeable future, the proceeds from purchases made at my Etsy store will go toward Emi's care.

She is a lovely little girl who has had a  tough life, and I want nothing more than to make things easier for her. I thank you for reading this, for thinking of her, and for visiting my shop. If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, I hope you will consider adopting. There are many healthy* and wonderful animals just waiting for a home.

*I knew Emi had health problems going in, the rescue was very honest with me, but her polyp was discovered after she was living with me.  Most shelter and rescue animals are quite healthy, and rescue owners and workers tend to be upfront about any issues, as they do not want the animal to lose its home again.