Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jasper and the Worm

This morning, after having been allowed to sleep for almost three hours after I was roused by a vomiting cat, I was awakened by another cat. This time it was Jasper begging for attention, as he does most every morning. He was extra demanding, and cried more than usual. He rolled around on me, got under the covers, then jumped on the floor and started trying to dig, or something. Eventually, after venturing in the closet and just generally acting weird, he made his way back to me. 

As I was petting him, I felt something weird in his bib fur. It was slimy, and when I looked I saw it was a dark color. How had he managed to get poo on his front end? Then, it moved. After flipping on lights, and pinning him down, it was clear; he had a tiny bit of earthworm hanging out on his mane. He is an inside cat. I have so many questions I wish he could answer.

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