Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sale Shopping

Yesterday, my mom and I did a little shopping. We tend to shop rarely, but buy in quantity when we do. Because of this, we love big sales. Our mission was simply to buy some cat food (there ended up being a sale at the pet store!) and to hit the CVS beauty clearance. We've done this before, so we discussed which local CVS would be best, and planned our route accordingly. While we were out, we decided to run to the local Coldwater Creek Outlet. Lucky for us, it happened to be the last day of their 50% off sale. Here's a quick rundown of what I nabbed.

Most of what I got wasn't actually on sale, and I totally forgot my coupon wallet, oops. But, my mom did stock up on some dirt cheap beauty essentials, and I got a few limited edition polishes (mostly Wet 'n' Wild).

*Wet 'n' Wild Nail Pail
All of the polish in the pail, came in the pail, along with some other things I gave to my mom. The polishes in front are other WnW purchases, listed below.

*Wet 'n' Wild Fast Dry (Mermaid's Cove, Summer 2011 collection) Ocean Grotto, Waves of Enchantment, and Sea Witch
without topcoat, 2 coats, except Sea Witch, which is 3

*Wet 'n' Wild MegaLast (Bloom, Spring 2011 collection) Bird Bath and Collecting Pollen
L to R: WnW (3 coats each, no topcoat) Bird Bath and Collecting Pollen, Essie (2 coats each, no topcoat) Coat Azure and Sand Tropez

*Essie (French Affair, Spring 2011 collection - 50% off Unfortunately, we didn't get the discount, and didn't catch it until we were home. Next time I'm at CVS, I'll try to sort to it out.) Coat Azure and Sand Tropez
*Milani (BOGO 50%off, or BOGOHO as I like to call it) Rad Purple and One Coat Glitter Blue Flash (I'm not sure whay it has taken me so long to pull the trigger on these.)
L to R: 2 coats with topcoat, one coat Blue Flash; 2 coats Rad Purple without topcoat

Coldwater Creek
On the outside, I am 25 years old, but not so far under that exterior is a little old lady who knits, loves tea, and shops at Coldwater Creek. To be honest, I wouldn't shop at Coldwater Creek if there weren't an outlet in my hometown, it is just too expensive. The outlet prices are usually still too steep for me, except when they have these semi-annual, half off everything sales.

 I haven't been able to shop in the juniors department for a long time (my ballet teacher pointed out my "thunder thighs" when I was twelve, and I have to shop for bras online, as no local store carries my size), so I guess I had to learn to find my own style in classic clothes designed for older (than me) women. My grandma, mom, and I all shop in the same store, but all end up dressed very differently.

Anyway, here's what I picked up.

*turquoise espadrille
Andrew was kind enough to model them for me.

*gold drawstring collar jacket (after looking this up online, I've discovered I paid a wee bit more in store, and am sorely disappointed.)

*red jacket

*abstract floral skirt ( I plan to have the top lobbed off, making the waistband only a few inches above the flare. It looks better that way, at least on me. Plus, I only paid about $12 for it, so tailoring still brings it in at a reasonable price. I'm too lazy to uncover the sewing machine to do it myself.)

*blue floral on cream skirt

*red short sleeve top (I told my mom I was on a mission to find a red, half-sleeve shirt. She asked me if it was smart to wear a red shirt. I told her I was brave enough to try it.)

When we got home, we added up the total retail price of the CC items, and compared it to the receipt total. We paid 30% of the retail price!

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