Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Week In Polish

Lately, I've been really drawn to neutral colors, especially when it comes to nail polish. Besides my recent love of neutrals, I have a tendency to become obsessed with one color. I love red for a couple of weeks, then I can think of nothing but blue for a month, until I start to dream in green. You get the idea.

Because I love color, and have a fairly large polish stash, I try to alternate the colors I wear on my nails. Since my short term memory is nearly non-existent (I missed trash day, again), I decided to add a little forced variety into my life. While not strictly Roy G. Biv, I am just wrapping up what I'm calling "Rainbow Week", where I've worn a different color, from a predetermined order, each day. I swapped violet for teal, because that is how my stash is organized.

I've been really happy with the changing colors, and that this challenge has forced me to dig through my stash. Since I also tend to fall into other ruts (the crackle onslaught last week), I might make up some more challenges for myself, and I will probably bring this one back, as well. 

On to the pics! Click to enlarge, and please try to overlook the air-bubbles that have been plaguing me, my utter lack of cleanup, and my terrible cuticles. 

Red - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City, China Glaze Crackle Glaze Black Mesh, Orly Winter Wonderland, and OPI Big Apple Red, in that order

I love putting a jelly over a glitter or shimmer, and am now loving it over a crackle finish. I will definitely try it again. I didn't capture it very well, and the bubbles totally ruined the effect. :(

Orange - Maybelline Sweet Clementine and Summer Splash stamped with Konad Plate M-57 and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away! and Sun Kissed 

I love the subtle Konad (yes, I'm calling this subtle), but wish the oranges had been just slightly more different. The accent nail is more the look I was going for. Oh, and I don't care what topamericandesignermichaelkors says, teal (blue) and orange are fabulous together, and are the definition of complementary colors

Yellow - Milani Gold and a pale yellow, jelly franken I call Banana Cream Pie

Did I mention I love jellies over glitter? 

Green - Orly Meet Me Under The Mistletoe

...and a close up, because the finish is spectacular!

I noticed Orly added this and a few other of my favorites to their core line. I consider it a reward for being able to overcome the hoarding instincts that were compelling me to buy several backups. Thank you Orly for being awesome in ways OPI refuses. Releasing popular limited edition colors into the core line just makes sense. Making your customers panic over whether or not they will be able to find their favorite color, and if the formula will be the same doesn't make sense, at all. Suzi, can you hear me?

Teal - NYC East Village topped with Finger Paints Art You Wondering?

NYC and Finger Paints are two very underrated makers of amazing and inexpensive nail polish. I think people overlook them, because they are so cheap, and because FP is sold exclusively at Sally Beauty Supply. 

Blue - China Glaze Frostbite with Matte Magic Topcoat

I first saw this combo on someone on MakeupAlley's Nail Board. Someone compared it to frosted cobalt glass, and while I think that is a pretty good description, it is even more mesmerizing and bold than any glass I've ever seen, and I've lived most of my life a few miles from this place

Purple - an unnamed franken I had completely forgotten about

It's slightly less blue in person due to purple's vampire like inability to be captured by a camera. I think I shall call it Crushed Gems.

That was Rainbow Week. I think I will concentrate on trying different finishes, maybe all in the same color family, for my next challenge. Maybe, after all of this color, I should start with grey.I really need to file my nails down, too. Short, round, grey nails may be in my future.

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