Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wrong Number

Texting the wrong person can be far more dangerous than calling the wrong number, because you've already said what you were going to say before anyone can inform you of your mistake. Case in point, I just received the following text:

  "Hey its mikey u have a joint to sell *Mikey's full name*"

Mikey, whoever you are, if your text could be used as evidence against you or a friend in a court of law, you may want to double check the number before hitting send.

UPDATE- A few minutes after I sent him a message telling him he had the wrong number, I received a response:

   "Who are you *Mikey's full name*"

I considered telling him I was a cop, but no response seemed almost as fun. When I call a wrong number, I don't demand that person's information. I fucked up, not them. I can't imagine the amount of entitlement this guy must have to think I owe him something.

I should also point out that my number is one of those that is often dialed by mistake. There are lots of threes, and the most common first three numbers for local cell phones are only different by one number, I have a three, but others have a two. Anyway, a couple of years ago, I received a string of increasingly escalating voicemails from a mother trying to locate her son. At one point, there was mention of calling the police. The last message was her apologizing to me. I guess since I don't get any interesting phone communications intended for me, I'm lucky to be able to enjoy those intended for others.

*name removed to protect the moron's privacy

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