Saturday, September 24, 2011

Not Monday Muppets

It seemed fitting to allow Jim Henson (with the assistance of Frank Oz) to sing Happy Birthday on his own birthday.

I have been watching a lot of Star Trek lately, which is probably why I'm reminded of the following speech in remembering Jim Henson.
Image of Death is that state in which one exists only in memory

And that leads me to the final stop on this fragmented AV assisted train of thought.

I really wish I could pull my thoughts together a bit more eloquently, but it is difficult to articulate the respect I have for a man I never knew, and harder still for me to  explain why I mourn his loss still today.   I don't worship or idolize him, but genuinely respect him as a fully flawed person capable, with an amazing group of people, to change the world. The changes that really matter, the ones that have a lasting impact, are the small changes made by caring people, for they grow with us. He changed the world with puppets... what will you use?

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